Congratulations Tom and Katherine!

Nominated in the category: Best performance in a professional production for NERVE 
in the upcoming ATG Curtain Call Awards

IKAG Productions brought Adam Szymkowicz', NERVE to Adelaide audiences for the first time in June, to what can only be described as 'rave reviews'.
Audiences were both moved and disturbed by the deeply believable performances by Tom Gentry as Elliot and Katherine Silbereisen as Susan in their portrayal of two souls living with mental illness who meet on a dating site. The audience played voyeurs in the pub setting as Elliot and Susan shared their first date. 

A roller coaster of emotions, no punches were pulled in this uncompromisingly insightful and compassionate presentation of raw humanity as Elliot and Susan play out an entire dysfunctional relationship in ninety minutes. The dark humour, often disarmingly funny never diminished the seriousness of the subject matter but rather brought the reality of it boldly and gently to the audience. Sound and Lighting Designer, Samuel Rodda completed the pub atmosphere with music supplied entirely by local Adelaide artists and brought more intensity of emotion and drama with his skillfull use of lighting design. Special Effects Artist, Liana Krassas' work proved scarily realistic, prompting a number of reviewers to advise future audiences to 'be prepared'.

So, it is with some pride that we congratulate Tom Gentry and Katherine Silbereisen for their nominations in the category of Best performance in a professional production at the ATG Curtain Call Awards and recognise that without the whole team, this would not have been possible. We also thank Anthony Vawser for nominating both Tom and Katherine in this category and for his moving review of IKAG Productions NERVE in the Adelaide Theatre Guide.

The winners will be announced at the ATG Curtain Call Awards dinner on Saturday the 28th of September.

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